Fazzini FW 2021-2022 Collection

Fall Winter Collection 2021/22


Symbol of purity, freshness and rebirth, white is the main character of Fazzini’s winter. The whiteness of the snow furnish the bedroom in the colder months and discover a newfound quietness. The new collection is an experience of totalizing well-being involving mind and body in the most intimate atmospheres of the domestic dimension. Relying on the irreplaceable quality of pure cotton, the excellent made in Italy manufacturing experience and the creative skill of bringing together classic tradition and contemporary décor, fabrics and patterns are inspired by nature and the landscape, to turn towards a new eco-aesthetic from which an exciting, poetic, sustainable lifestyle comes to life.

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In the warmth of winter, we rediscover the pleasure of beautiful things. Textiles are tinged with the artistic suggestions of the early twentieth century, drawing on the art of Klimt, the Art & Crafts movement, and Kandinsky’s abstractionism. Elegant female figures give life to a dance in which graphic elements and watercolor details are mixed. Like a charleston dress, a laminated line illuminates the texture of the sheets, duvet cover and quilt.


Different shades of white and material finishes to tell the beauty of winter.


The material finishes translate the beauty of snow crystals onto the fabrics. The designs reproduce the charm of dew drops that land on nature and create luminous effects. The pleated workings recall the veins and cracks of the ice. Trapunta, federe e completo lenzuola Cristalli; plaid Fascino. Cristalli comforter, pillowcases and bedlinen set; Fascino plaid.


Wide solid backgrounds encounter the lightness of natural decor.

The sheen of the jacquard pattern brightens up the winter. In the stylized design of the leaves, the veins follow each other in a decorative pattern of great elegance. Under a veil of whiteness, the vegetal contours lighten behind the scratched effect of the frost. The soft shades of beiges and grays are emphasized by the preciousness of the fabrics.


Rethinking the rhythms of life to make room for a new inner stillness.

From the Italian tradition to the exotic suggestions of Japanese landscapes. Proposed in the warm shades of pink or in the refined shades of gray, the sets for the bed offer, evoking the ever-changing natural cycles, among finely embroidered velvets, cushions and quilts of great decorative impact.


The winter palette investigates the range of graiges and pearl colors.

Subtle nuances are declined in infinite natural shades. Delicate neutral colors are softened with a sprinkle of sugar that softens the colors, as if a veil of snow would soften the designs and then let the filigree profiles glimpse, giving a new depth to the fabric.


Simple geometries and rich floral patterns.

A great classic in trendy colors. The perfection of color is emphasized by a colored tail, which finishes the flywheels of the pillowcases, the flounce of the sheets and the duvet cover. Pieces that will never go out of fashion, created to combine in an imaginative way with other Fazzini collections.