Improve your sleep with the comfort of Fazzini pillows

Choose a Fazzini pillow from our online store to add the final touch of wellbeing to your bedroom. Pillows are available in different materials to meet the needs of each person, while maintaining Fazzini's design and comfort: classic, orthopaedic and viscoelastic. The comfort and softness of the pillows allow you to doze off and sleep well: choose a Fazzini bed pillow for your room and your rest!
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Pillowcase in 100% cotton percale, padded and quilted. Shaped core in 100% polyurethane foam, padding in 100% hypoallergenic polyester fiber layer 600 gr.
52,00 €
Pillowcase in knitted fabric and Tencel® yarn. Shaped core in 100% Waterlily®VE viscoelastic polyurethane foam
69,00 €