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A millenarian story is told by Fazzini in the new LINO collection. The oldest vegetable fibre, chosen for its purity while the fine workmanship reveals a profound relationship between man and nature: the raw material is turned into a masterpiece through the intelligence of the hands. The excellence of Italian linen and its top quality, durability and tactile pleasantness bring to the bedroom the charm of the linen of the past, which the company has renewed in a contemporary and sustainable key. Passion and dedication, style and savoir-faire intertwine in the LINO world by Fazzini: a collection to be lived spontaneously in a free-iron experience.

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Soffio carries on the traction of pure linen on which Fazzini has built its own story. The raw material is chosen in its own purity and processed to achieve an extraordinary softness. The beautiful shades of natural fibers or obtained with reactive dyeing enhance the authenticity of the linen. The colors already in the collection are enriched with seasonal shades with pearl gray becoming a new very elegant neutral, delicate blue, sage green and a gritty bark brown.

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The refined three-dimensional jacquard patterns pay homage to the history of Italian linen that Fazzini proudly carries on. Linen in all its irregularity is made even softer by the company’s manufacturing knowledge: mechanical treatments soften the fabric and dyes make the fibre pleasant. Thin stems dotted with small blooms embellish the Fiori di Lino collection and evoke the spontaneity of a field cultivated with this ancient plant. The jacquard design dyed in indanthrene thread appears in fresh bunches on the duvet cover, decorative pillows, and quilts but also on the bedspread.

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The beauty of the fibres and the artisan tradition meet to dress the rooms with timeless elegance. Available in shades of blue, pink, natural and rope, the collection Fiori di lino furnishes the bedroom, awakening the authentic magic of nature.

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Irresistible and timeless, the stripes return in the Gradazioni collection by Fazzini to give life to a new way of understanding the colour bands. The satin is obtained with a cotton warp and a linen weft that emerges on the surface restoring the pleasantness of the material and its natural irregularity. The duvet cover set, the 12x20 inches pillow and the quilt are offered in neutral shades including the entire range from sand to stone, tones of blue going up to oil and lavender, and in a multicolour variant casting the colours of the rainbow in a soft key.

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A meeting of noble fibres. A meeting of colours. A meeting between generations that have handed down the values of Fazzini and the tradition of beautiful Italian linen. This is how the collection of sheets and duvet covers Incontri was born. It is a tribute to the vitality of colour conveying fascinating nuances in the combination of linen and cotton. The garment-dyed fabric, with reactive colourings guaranteeing maximum resistance to washing, conveys a blurred effect, while the mix & match of shades stimulates the imagination to furnish the bedroom.

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The Incontri collection is fffered in the variant matrimonial, three-quarter bed, and the single. A mix of bright colors and fabrics, which gives a unique, fresh and elegant style to the entire line.

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The beauty and texture of natural fibers are expertly treated, thanks to the long tradition of craftsmanship, to dress the rooms with a refined style and timeless elegance. The intrinsic value of yarn-dyed linen is enhanced by precious processes such as jacquard; garment-dyed products are obtained with colourings guaranteeing the best quality. The beautiful shades of natural fibres or very lightly dyed enhance the authenticity of linen combining with the chalky and powdery shades of blues, romantic shades of interior-design pinks and sophisticated greys. Energy doesn’t lack with their vibrant colours such as mustard and cortex, purple, cyclamen and cyan blue, to be mixed together.  

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