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A magical relationship of mutual exaltation exists between thread and colour. On the artefacts accompanying human history since its origins, the seams, embroideries and mendings that mark the fabrics are revealed through their colours. The different shades, in turn, cease to be flat surfaces to become alive and vibrant with light and shadow in the encounter with the thread. The act of skill performed by the needle or crochet when the thread meets the fabric inspired Fazzini for the S/S 2024.

The new collection explores the theme of thread and brings out the social and creative meaning of meticulous processing such as patchwork that is traditionally performed by small domestic communities, the intimate one that associates the act of sewing with a meditative and liberating practice, and the metaphorical one that introduces locutions into the language such as a common thread, thread of destiny, tied to a double thread, hanging by a thread. The collection invites us to rediscover a deep meaning of existence through manual processing and suggests a change of pace to embrace a new lifestyle, one which runs at a slow speed allowing you to venture into pleasant sensations. Even the seasonal colours strengthen the link with the past and the essence of being human, starting from the colours of the earth representing the primordial dyes which were later ennobled during the Tuscan Renaissance.

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The colours of the earth chase each other in the Arizona collection giving life to a fascinating landscape evoking the Old Wild West atmosphere. Among the soft dunes loom the black silhouettes of cacti that seem to emerge against the light in the vastness of the scenery. The design conveys freehand hatching and recalls the thread theme that guides the whole S/S 2024 by Fazzini. The all-over print defines the duvet cover, the upholstered quilt and the jacquard bedspread, their textures enhance to the maximum the sensory aspect of this collection. The solid colour sheet, with contrasting flounce, is drawn from the landscape’s colours.

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The passion for oriental ceramics that pervaded the European aristocracy in the eighteenth century animates the Chinoiserie collection, which was born from long research and experimentation in the field of printing. The floral design offered in ochre or Surf emerges on the background with a watercolour effect and becomes three-dimensional thanks to the flocked and golden profile. The collection offers the sheet with flounce, the duvet cover and the quilt enhancing in an extraordinary way the three-dimensionality and brightness of the contours.

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a trip to India

A journey into the Indian lush and unspoiled nature inspired the Kèrala collection. In the design, the tropical vegetation inhabited by parrots with colourful plumage is intertwined with a gradated striped pattern recalling the traditional saris and handmade fabrics of the region to which the collection is dedicated. The duvet cover and upholstered quilt magnify the splendor of the print; The solid colour sheet, on the other hand, reveals the design only on the flounce and on the pillowcases. The collection is available in the neutral shades of beige and Surf, the new shade by Fazzini.

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The technique of watercolour and embroidery dialogue in an unprecedented encounter in the Ricamo collection, conveying the maximum creative expressiveness of the arts of the past. In the overlapping of the painted design and the one expertly made with needle and thread, both interpreted with the print, a wonderful duvet cover and an important jacquard bedspread come to life. The sheet, on the other hand, is offered in solid colours in the combination of mauve and the golden-yellow flounce, held together by a delicate embroidered Greek pattern.

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the floral patterns

the floral patterns, all born from original handmade designs, are embellished with details finished with embroidery, which represents the maximum expression of the art of the needle.Fazzini’s tradition for beautiful floral print linen also makes its appearance in the S/S 2024 with the Camelia collection, which pays tribute to the charm of Italian gardens. Flowers are a timeless theme for the brand that translates every season with new patterns, mixing sober romance and a desire for freshness.

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 Camellias, hydrangeas and freesias bloom on the duvet cover, on the quilt, on the bedspread sheet and the flounce of the sheet bringing together in a delicate harmony the mauve, the blue and the white. The watercolour drawing is printed to bring the wonder of spring into the bedroom.

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new seasonal colours

The new seasonal colours also enliven some continuous collections by Fazzini. The Galuchat is renewed in a delicate eucalyptus green and Nettare is tinted in ocher, pink and Surf; the latter shade also becomes part of Dialogo and the timeless Kubric60.

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The imperial gardens of the East meet the imagination of Joan Mirò to give life to the Lotus collection. The lotus flowers with their turgid goblets are conveyed through a simple and playful design recalling the style of the great Spanish painter. The duvet cover and quilt become works of art to furnish the bedroom; The solid colour sheet displays the motif on the flounce. The collection is available in the new colours Surf and Mauve. 

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Fili and weaves

A cheerful interweaving of coloured brushstrokes defines the Fili collection, which takes its name from the idea of weft and warp expressed by the design. The print is presented in an all-over version on the duvet cover, upholstered quilt and jacquard bedspread. The Surf solid colour sheet, on the other hand, offers the theme of colour in the cordonette made with multicolour-thread embroidery.

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A bohemian SPIRIT

The seams become decoration, the textures of crochet and patchwork are also available with printing. The cotton threads of excellent quality intertwine in the fascinating game of weft and warp from which Fazzini’s S/S 2024 is born; They cross the products in the collection making them three-dimensional, stitching up the emotions and leaving an indelible mark on the fabric that spreads a new positive energy in the home.

All the themes explored by the S/S 2024 are for the most part collected in the Crazy Quilt collection which, with its vaguely bohemian spirit, conveys through its print the idea of patchwork, but also the texture of linen and the mending that becomes embroidery. The design entirely decorates the rectangular pillow and the quilt, enhancing the three-dimensional effect with its upholstery. The sheet is available in solid colour with contrasting flounce and a delicate crochet process holding the two elements together, the bedspread sheet is, instead, printed with a solid colour rever.

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Crazy Quilt, AN AUTHOR'S patchwork

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The world of terry towels offers a colour update for the Pois and Chevron lines, as well as launching the new Gradazioni collection. Made of quality yarn-dyed cotton, it tells the charm of the Italian summer with its always fashionable striped pattern. High quality materials for towels and bathrobes with a unique softness.

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