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Fazzini has selected the best fabrics to offer a timeless luxury experience. The collection is also a tribute to Milan, where Fazzini was born in 1976.

The history of the city, its gothic cathedral, the encounters in the gallery, as well as the renewal of the last years, have inspired the new collection. Synonymous with dynamism and creativity, milan best expresses that concept of discreet luxury that Fazzini takes back into the bedroom.


In the neutral and timeless colors of grays, the range recovers tradition in a contemporary key.


From Fazzini’s know-how in the finest textile processing, excelsior was born in 1000TC cotton satin. In white and off white the duvet cover and bedsheet convey wonderful sensations to the touch. Complex to make, very fine and resistant, the fabric is made of very thin yarns intertwined with each other and worked on the loom for a total of a thousand threads per square inch.


The bedsheet and pillowcases have a double flounce combining white with seasonal colours. The duvet cover is reversible and the atmosphere is embellished with a customized cushion with a letter in italics reminiscent of the trousseaus of the past. The 250TC cotton percale made with the precious pima cotton conveys the angel skin effect.


In silk satin 19 momme, luxurious and resistant, consists of a bedsheet with cordonnet finishing the lapel, pillowcases with wide flounces and a duvet cover, in white, off white, pink, pearl grey and black.


The art nouveau style of Maggiolina and the corners of nature that make their way through the villas of this milanese district have inspired the collection bearing its name. The main character is a delicate flowery foliage picturing birds here and there. The design in pink, blue or neutral is printed in an all-over effect on the bedsheet and pillowcases, duvet cover and quilt.


Enhanced and fully returned to the city during the last decade, the isola district has inspired the collection of the same name in 300TC white cotton satin with double contrast embroydered cord that enhances the sheet and the entire perimeter of the pillowcases and duvet cover. The bed is completed with 65x65cm pillows and a cushion decorated with monograms.


In 300TC cotton satin white, off white, nougat, pearl grey, london grey, blue and powder pink, it offers pillowcases with wide flounces and embroidered cordonnet finishing. In 300TC cotton satin, combed and compact.


Fazzini Atelier brings the wonderful finesse of 600TC cotton satin to the bedroom. Declined on neutral tones, in the combinations of white and honey, gray and off-white or again powder pink and off white, quadrilatero evokes the refined elegance of high fashion. Characterized by an important border and embroidered cordonet apllicated on the four sides of the duvet cover and pillowcases.


Fazzini Atelier brings the wonderful finesse of 600TC cotton satin to the bedroom. Available in neutral tones, in combinations of white and honey, gray and off-white or even powder pink and off-white, this quadrilateral evokes the refined elegance of high fashion, characterized by an important border and embroidered cordonette applied on all four sides bag and pillow cases.


Stonewashed linen interprets the bohemian spirit of brera with a green collection of discreet elegance. Alongside white, pink and blue, Fazzini Atelier presents variations in natural and natural brown tones. The open edge, elegant timeless processing, finishes the flywheels of the pillowcases and the sheet.


The Castello collection is dedicated to the monumental architecture of the sforzesca fortress, which recalls the merlature thanks to a refined white macramé border. A thin lace defines volumes and enhances the continuity of the solid color. Fazzini Atelier also reshapes the experience of well-being in the bathroom with a very high-quality range of terry towelling, including soft terry fabrics and enveloping bathrobes. The decorative motif is shown on the bath terries and in a hyper-feminine bathrobe referencing the baby-dolls design.


The collection presents the classic pair of hand-towels embellished with a pattern with three coloured cordonnets. A piping finishes the edges of the bathrobe with a shawl collar which, as tradition dictates, can be customized with your initials.


The traditional lombard manufacturing of 600TC jacquard is told by Fazzini Atelier with city life, which using two different yarns creates a geometric and tactile design that recall the graphics of the architecture of this new district of Milan. The duvet cover and pillowcases are reversible with a positive/negative effect, and finished with a piping all around.


The wonderful fineness of 600TC cotton satin is enhanced by a eyelet edges defined by a sequence of small and precise stitching; the sophisticated construction details, such as the mitred corners, make the product extremely refined.


A baroque exuberance explodes in cordusio through the jacquard technique with very fine silk and linen yarns. The collection recalls the world of tapestries and reveals a tone-on-tone damask design, in grey and cream.


Fazzini Atelier brings beautiful linen back into the house, reinterpreting traditions and cultural contents in a very current stylistic language and leaving wide space for customizations, offering the possibility of customizing each product in terms of size to meet all sleeping needs. In addition, with the encryption service, the pillows and bathrobes are embroidered with satin stitch to become unique and desirable.


It seems to return to the beginning of the 20th century, the graziato character reminescent of the unmistakable Liberty style.


The decò character gives room to the ornament, recalling the dantan linen, handed down from family to family.


Modern and curt, the geometric characteraims at the synthesis of shapes, playing on symmetry and essentiality.