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Top Sheets

Choose a Fazzini pillowcase to match the style of your pillows and pillows and embellish your bed. Why use a pillowcase? The pillowcase protects your pillows from stains, dirt and allergens, slowing down the ageing process.

By choosing a Fazzini pillowcase, you can sleep soundly. In fact, our products are designed to offer maximum comfort while you rest, making bedtime a special cuddle.

Fazzini pillowcases adapt perfectly to all tastes and needs. We offer satin, plain-coloured and 4 3 cm shuttlecocks finished in simple stitching, available in a wide range of colours, from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

Is your bedroom furnished in a shabby chic style or do you feel like giving a touch of liveliness to an austere, modern room? Choose the pairs of pillowcases made of 100% linen, embellished with three curled ruffles and with Pentec treatment, which gives volume and elasticity to the fabric, making it soft and fresh.

With Fazzini pillowcases, every day you can benefit from the advantages of a superior quality product that will help make your moments of relaxation even more special.

Our household linen products are made to guarantee comfort, freshness and the absence of pilling, the annoying effect of fluff and small balls that forms on fabrics. Protect your pillows with Fazzini pillowcases.