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To inspire Fazzini’s new table collections are the tables in the shade of the trees framed by Luca Guadagnino in the film Chiamami col tuo nome or the afternoons spent outdoors between a game of tennis and a snack immortalized by Vittorio De Sica in Il giardino dei Finzi Contini. The timeless charm of auteur cinema, the family stories, the atmospheres barely decadent of the villas immersed in the Italian countryside are found in the drawings, in the soft shades and in the excellent quality of the fabrics, but above all in the spontaneous freedom to mix tradition and contemporaneity, to bring together bourgeois atmospheres and the pleasure of an informal style.

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Joy of living

Fazzini rediscovers the great moments of conviviality, to be experienced with family and friends. The table set up with elegance and creativity collects around it the values of an authentic lifestyle, made up of moments of intense happiness, from which the collections Gioia di vivere are born. The very fine and meticulous geometries of Paul Klee’s works, the foliage that reinterpret the tradition of Sanderson fabrics in an ecological way, the bouquets of flowers freshly picked that look like watercolor paintings, bring to the table wonderful emotions. The colors are inspired by nature even in the timeless lines and in the tone-on-tone borders that give a contemporary image without giving up a touch of understated romance.

Discreet luxury

The soft hand of quality cotton or the pleasantly rough hand of linen are interpreted by Fazzini with great skill. By mixing the manufacturing excellence of Made in Italy, great creative ability and refined elegance, the company transforms the table into a style experience. With this approach, the Luxury Discreet collections are born, which evoke the natural gestures of the past and the passion for beautiful things. It is a timeless elegance that passes from one generation to the next: the large plain or tone-on-tone tablecloths dress the table for special occasions. The same elegance returns every day with the proposals for American placemats in recycled leather, born from research into materials and the company.