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KIMONO quilt - 2 piazze - NATURALE
  • KIMONO quilt - 2 piazze - NATURALE
  • KIMONO Стегать

KIMONO Стегать

Collection: Весна Лето 2023
286,43 €

200 TC pure cotton percale overprinted with white lacquer.

Quilted hand made finished by  with two shaped corners, that adapt them perfectly to the bed.

Quiklted bedspread: 220x270cm

The quilted bedspread with light quilting accentuates the movement given by the lacquer print. The elegant design that characterizes the collection comes to life creating a Japanese flowerbed from which the eye is magically attracted.

Fazzini quilted bedspreads are worked individually and finished by hand with two shaped corners that adapt them perfectly to the bottom of the bed.

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