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The work, made in a limited edition of 99 pieces, is part of our author’s textile multiples collection launched by the company in the seventies with the aim of translating the production experience into cultural content.


Fazzini continues its artistic project of author’s textiles multiples and presents the work Veneri Italiche in a numbered and limited edition of 99 pieces, signed by the talent artist Andrea Crespi.

Started in the Seventies by Ricamificio Zibetti, founded by the great-grandfather of Paolo and Marco Fazzini who with their mother Maria Alberta Zibetti lead the Fazzini company, the collection includes the works of some great Italian masters, including Gio Pomodoro, Bruno Munari, Luigi Veronesi.


Recently relaunched by Paolo Fazzini, with the desire to enhance its precious heritage, last year’s project involved the artist Vittore Frattini who, having worked with Veronesi, defined a virtuous philological link with the past and today explores new artistic meanings with the work of Andrea Crespi.


"Veneri Italiche is a triptych that, going beyond the space-time dimension, embodies the essence of the Italian spirit: the work reinterprets Canova's Venere Italica by subjecting it to contemporary aesthetic codes, to demonstrate how it is possible to pay homage to the history and cultural roots of the country without sacrificing the artistic relevance of our times. Veneri Italiche is a true visual hymn to the Italian spirit, conveying with extraordinary sensitivity a message of hope, faith and love, and recalling the flag in the colours chosen for the composition, thus bringing further depth and meaning to the overall portrayal," commented Andrea Crespi. 


The triptych is divided into three elements distinguished by colours evoking the green, white and red of the tricolour, with which the author has deconstructed the outline of Canova's work through his reinterpretation of the optical illusion. Concealed in the repetition of embroidered graphic lines, the figure emerges, bringing to mind an immediately recognizable image. And it is precisely in the experimentation of illusory effects that Andrea Crespi investigates the classical language, understood as an absolute expression of beauty and harmony: by subtracting details and nuances, the artist celebrates the essential force of the line and its ability to convey the subject’s iconic status.


"We are very proud to be able to include the work of Andrea Crespi, with whom we share important values, in the author’s textile multiples collection. We share territoriality since the artist was born and lives in Gallarate, but also an interest in the excellence of Italian cultural and productive content. The Veneri Italiche project allows us to continue to decode contemporary expressive languages with the same experimental approach with which our first artistic collaborations were born fifty years ago," added Paolo Fazzini.


Art and productivity are intertwined in the project to underline the value of contaminations, as the key to creativity. A mixture of skills held together by a thread, which on the one hand represents the raw material of Fazzini's textile production and on the other recalls the illusory repetition of signs with which Andrea Crespi has been appreciated in the art market and museum contexts, including the Maga in Gallarate.

The triptych is embroidered on garment-dyed linen and consists of three elements measuring 45x45 centimetres, each available in just 33 pieces for a total of 99.